Friday, April 20, 2007

Missing Gonzalez Emails

Guess I'll give this a shot a see if it gets any attention.
I'll start with the stuff the media won't cover that they should, and although obvious and boring it clearing indicts Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, which ought to be a sizable story.

Let me preface by saying I am not trying to attack the administration, in the same way that Ali wouldn't be trying to beat up Carrot Top; it kinda just happens and is well deserved.

Anyway, I found the missing 5 million emails, they are it turns out not on the staff's PC's, its on the server (deleted or not it's still recoverable) and it's on the backups (WHICH THEY DO HAVE !!!) and it's on the PC's and servers and server backups of the recipients.

Now to the good bit......we all should know that Carl Rover is a 'Blackberry" it. So on Tuesday April 17th, RIM (the company behind the Blackberry communicator, on which Carl is constantly communicating) lost it's ability to keep their communication network online.

This is of course highly plausible as no successful and established organization is competently run or has heard of disaster recovery or redundancy. The e-mail outage, first reported by WNBC, began around 5 p.m. PDT on Tuesday and lasted until early on Wednesday when it slowly came back online.

Do I know that technicians from the Federal Governments' Geek Squad came by and purged the system of all Carl Rove communications, including from RIM backups (RIM keeps all messages sent on their servers and backups for at least 3 years).....or am I just guessing....for me to know and you to find out.....but if you want proof, go to RIM, subpoena Carl's messages and see how many you get because it turns out they forgot to plant a bunch of benign and correctly timestamped messages to cover the absence of one (actually there are a few users involved) clients messages.

Sleep tight.

First post - Just a Test

First post - Just a Test